The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments (Ballast Water Management Convention or BWM Convention) is a 2004 international maritime treaty which requires signatory flag states to ensure that ships flagged by them comply with standards and procedures for the management and control of ships' ballast water and sediments. From 8 Sept 2024 , all ships are required to have an approved Ballast Water Treatment System, or alternative means of complying with the Convention, such as using the port’s ballast water reception facility if available.

Very few ports around the world were preparing to provide these facilities. However, Waarith is designing and building several dedicated barges with BW treatment plants on board which can be mobilised to any ship which requires the service. These barges will be available from early 2023, and are capable of accepting or producing ballast from/to the ship.

The barges will be designed to also accept BW sediment and most other waste such as bilge water, sewage, oily sludge and garbage.

Waarith will be operating this service and should be contacted for more details.

Waarith can also be contacted for details of the design of the BW barge should any port authorities or other parties be interested in procuring a similar vessel, which are available in different BW treatment capacities.